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Happy Freebie Friday! On September 19th we celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ahoy thar, mateys! ARRRRRRRG you ready for International Talk Like A Pirate Day? To help yrrrr group bring out itsinne-aaaaar pirate, Guildcraft brings you pirate eye patches! Harrrrrrrrr be some fun and funny ways to use this pirate eye patch printable treasure!

  • Best Pirate Accent Contest – Make up a sentence of your choice, then have each person put on an eye patch and say the sentence with his or her best pirate accent.
  • Pick Yarrrrr Pirate Name – Let the kids make up their own funny  pirate  names  and use them for the day!
  • Churches – Talk about treasure with the kids and the kind of treasure we should be seeking. Use Luke 12:34 – “For where your treasure  is, there will your heart be also.” If you prefer to stay away from the pirate  image, check out our Scoop Up God’s Word Coloring Sheet.



To download our free Pirate Eye Patch Printable, click one of the following:

Precolored Pirate Eye Patch Printable

Ready-to-Color Pirate Eye Patch Printable




What are your ideas on how to use this printable? Leave a comment and let us know! We’ll spotlight one idea on our Facebook page!

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