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Sky VBS  is all about bright colors and fun outdoor activities, like hot air balloon rides and flying kites! Here’s our collection of vbs decorating ideas and tips for this theme.

 Pictured above: sky backdrop, sun cutouts, tissue grass mats, tissue hot air balloons, and fluffy clouds.

Sky Backdrop – The blue sky backdrop is great to use to cover large blank walls. You instantly get the look of a beautiful sky. Add some fun decorations to it, like hot air balloons, airplanes, clouds and more!


Colorful Kites – Ask members of your congregation to donate old kites, flags and other colorful outdoor decorations. You can hang kites from the ceiling, on walls, down stairwells and much more! Kites and flags are great because they take up a lot of space and help you cover empty wall space.


Pictured above: sky backdrop, pennant banner and twirly whirleys.


Pennant Banners and Twirly WhirleysIn the pictured above we used these props on the sky backdrop, but you can hang the banners along door frames, outside or along walls. The twirly whirleys are fun and can be hung from ceilings and taped to walls. They are a bouncy and fun addition to your VBS decorations.


Parachute – Many elementary schools have rainbow parachutes that they use during gym and for other activities with the kids. Ask parents of younger children in your congregation to ask their schools if you can borrow the school’s parachute for your VBS program. They are a lot of fun and kids love to use them!


Hot Air Balloon Basket – You will need a large brown box (large enough for a child to stand in), decorating supplies, and 2 pieces of think rope or cord. Decorate the box to look like a “straw” basket that they have on real hot air balloons. Once it is decorated then cut 4 holes at the top of each side on the box. String your rope through the holes and tie knots and then attach the ends of the rope to the ceiling. Do not have the box hanging; it should be resting on the floor. The ropes are there to make it look like the hot air balloon if “floating” away! You can also add balloons to the basket!


Pictured above: sky backdrop, kite wall clings, rainbow cutouts and tissue grass mats. 

Rainbows and more! – It doesn’t get much more colorful than a beautiful rainbow and fun kites! These make decorating easy, the rainbows are precut and the kites cling to walls, windows and more (without tape). Here we choose to stick them to the sky backdrop to create a fun and inviting room!


Balloons – Sky is all about color! Look through those old party decorations for balloons, streamers and other party decorations; you will be surprised at how much you already have. You can use the balloons to make columns, rainbows and much more! Streamers can be hung from doors and to decorate tables!


Many Uses for Cardboard – Our Facebook Fan Kathy Hoffmannbeck said “Cardboard is our go to item. You can cut it into almost any shape, put pieces together to make structures and paint it to look like anything! The best thing is it stays together well enough that we can pass our decorations on to smaller churches to help them (we average 1000 children at our VBS).”


Bubble Machine – Ask around your congregation and see if anyone has a bubble machine that you can borrow for your program.  Your kids will love walking though hallways full of bubbles and sky decorations!


What other Sky decorating ideas do you have?!?!


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