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VBS Egypt – Snack Ideas

{ March 4th, 2010 }

Caramel Camel Snacks – Use slices of apples and melted caramel. 

Ancient Egypt Mix – The Nile River was teeming with fish, so naturally fish was the primary food of Ancient Egyptians. Honey and bread were also staples. Remember iconic Ancient Egyptian foods by mixing Goldfishâ crackers and honey graham cereal. In addition, add things like golden raisins, pretzels, chocolate chips and Cheez-itsâ .

Pyramid Brownies – Bake brownies in a regular brownie pan. Cut the pieces in triangle shapes. Let the kids add yellow frosting to the brownies.

Juice of the Nile – Use apple juice.

Pyramid Squares – Use Rice Krispieâ squares to build a pyramid.

Honey, wheat and dates were ancient Egyptian staples. Use those ingredients to create breads, cookies, bars and more. Here are some links to some recipes to try: 

Fig Newton Cookies – Figs were also a food of the ancient Egyptians.

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